Best package for blogs, non-profits, and portfolios.


Do not proceed to purchase if you are wanting an e-commerce product-based website designed, please purchase the HEADLINER Package or the PRIORITY Package. 


Number of Pages Included: 5  

o Landing Page/Coming Soon (Upon Request)

o Home​ 

o About 

o Content 

o Contact 


Features Included: 

o 3 FREE IG Canva Feed 

o 3 FREE IG Canva Story Templates 

o 1 FREE IG Highlight Cover 

o Branded Email

o Social Media URLs Connected 

o IG Feed Integration 

o Newsletter Subscription Link 

o SEO Setup 

o Mobile Capability


  • 4 to 6 weeks

  • Must purchase WIX e-commerce business package pricing $27-$35 per month. Annual payment options available at the $27 month pricing.

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